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How to start an insurance company in Idaho

Requirements for Idaho Insurance Licenses

What are the requirements to become an insurance producer in Idaho?

The Idaho Department of Insurance (DOI) regulates the insurance industry in Idaho. You must have an Idaho insurance producer license to sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance in Idaho. This requirement applies to individuals and business entities. Idaho licenses resident or non-resident individuals and businesses. Idaho does not have education requirements for insurance producers.

Resident applicants must submit fingerprints and pass the test for the type of insurance they want to sell. Contact PearsonVue at 888-204-6218 to set up exams and fingerprinting.

Non-resident applicants are already licensed producers in their home state. Non-residents may submit the paper application or apply online.

How do you get an Idaho insurance producer license?

Resident and non-resident business entities should use the Uniform Application for Business Entity Insurance License/Registration.

Resident and non-resident individuals should use the Uniform Application for Individual Producer License/Registration.

On each application, the applicant must select whether the individual or entity is a resident or non-resident and designate which types of licenses are being applied for. Paper applications can be obtained from the DOI website. Submit the application, exam pass slips, fingerprint receipt, and a check or money order for fees. Applicants for licensure may apply online through Sircon or National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). See the DOI website for details. Online application requires credit card payment.

Mail all documents and check or money order for fees to:

Idaho Department of Insurance
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043

How much does the Idaho insurance producer license cost?

Initial license fee: $80
Biennial producer renewal: $80 paper; $60 online

Are there any continuing education requirements for Idaho insurance producers?

Resident Idaho insurance producers must complete 24 hours of continuing education during each two year period.

Non-resident producers are in compliance as long as they meet their home state’s requirements.

Do I need Idaho Department of Insurance AND Secretary of State approval to set up my Idaho insurance business?

Business entity insurers have more hoops to jump through than individuals. This is because if you want to register with the DOI as a business entity insurance producer, you must be registered with the Idaho Secretary of State as a business entity. Resident and non-resident business entity producers must be registered with the Secretary of State (SOS) and must be incorporated as a corporation, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, or partnership to be licensed as business entity. Idaho does not license sole proprietors as business entities.

All Idaho insurance producers must be registered with the DOI. The Director of the DOI grants Certificates of Authority if the corporation submits the proper documentation with the application including the formation documents.

Resident or non-resident business entity applicants must designate at least one Idaho licensed producer responsible for compliance.

Does an Idaho Insurance producer need to be a certain type of business entity?

Many Idaho insurance producers are business entities. The DOI requires your producer business entity to register with the Secretary of State, but incorporation offers many benefits and protections. Idaho allows insurance producers to choose the type of entity that best suits their needs.

Idaho does not require entities to include a description of the service (such as the word “insurance”) in the business name.

Does my Idaho insurance company need an Idaho registered agent?

The DOI requires nonresident insurance corporations to appoint the director of the DOI as their agent for service of process. Domestic insurance corporations may be served directly or may designate a registered agent in Idaho. The forms, Appointment or Change of Registered Agent for Service of Process Domestic Stock or Domestic Mutual Insurer or Non-domestic Insurer Uniform Consent to Service of Process, are available on the DOI website.


Idaho Department of Insurance

Idaho Secretary of State