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How to become a licensed construction contractor in Idaho

Requirements for registering as a contractor in Idaho

What are the requirements to become a registered contractor in the State of Idaho?

Building construction is a regulated activity in Idaho. All contractors are required by Idaho law to be registered with the Idaho Contractors Board, which is a division of the State of Idaho, Bureau of Occupational Licenses. You may not obtain building permits without a contractor registration number. If you are engaged in construction in the private or commercial sector, this is the only agency that you will be dealing with. However, if you are working on a public works project, you will also need licensing with the Idaho Division of Building Safety. There are no education, experience or examination requirements that must be met to be a registered contractor. You submit the completed Application for Contractor Registration by mail, with proof of liability insurance attached, and the application fee, to the Idaho Contractors Board. Click on the link below to download the application. The application must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

What information do I have to I have to provide on the Idaho contractor registration application?

For individuals registering as contractors in Idaho, you must provide your business name and address, your phone number, email, date of birth and social security number. For business entities, you must supply your Federal Tax Identification Number, and the business mailing address. You must also furnish the names and addresses of your company’s partners, members and managers, and/or each shareholder, depending on the business structure. The application also requires you to provide the name of Insurance Company, effective date of policy and the Workers Compensation certificate or policy number, and the same information for your liability insurance policy. The name of the insured on the certificate must match exactly the name/business listed on the application. For information regarding Worker’s Compensation Insurance, contact Idaho Industrial Commission at (208) 334-6000.

When do I renew my contractor registration in Idaho?

A contractor registration in Idaho is good for one year. If you are an individual contractor, you must renew by your birth date. If you are a business entity, you must renew by the anniversary date of original registration issuance. Registration renewal applications are mailed to the address of record six weeks before the registration expiration date. The most efficient way to submit your renewal application and fees is through the ONLINE renewal system. Find the link below for online renewals. If you fail to renew your registration before the expiration date, your Idaho Contractor Registration will be canceled, and then you must include the reinstatement fee along with your renewal fee.

How much does the contractor registration and renewal cost in Idaho?

Contractor Registration Application fee – $30
Contractor Registration Renewal fee – $25
Reinstatement fee – $25
All fees are nonrefundable.

Contact information for Idaho Contractor Board:

Idaho Contractor Board
Bureau of Occupational Licenses
700 West State Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0063
Phone #: (208) 334-3233
Fax #: (208) 334-3945
E-mail: [email protected]

The board answers emails regarding contractor registration questions.

How long does it take in Idaho to approve a contractor registration?

The Idaho Contractors Board will verify the information on the contractor registration application and if it is in order, they will mail a certificate of registration and a wallet-sized card showing the registered contractor’s name and registration number, within a two or three weeks of receiving the application.

What does an Idaho contractor do with his registration number?

A contractor shall display his registration number for public view in his business, on advertising, contracts, permits, business letterhead and purchase orders.

Does the Idaho Contractors Board recognize reciprocal states?

No. Since the Idaho Contractor Board is not a licensing board, they require all contractors to register.

Does the Idaho Contractors Board require continuing education of contractors?

No, but they do conduct occasional insurance audits.


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