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How to provide funeral services in Idaho

Requirements for Idaho Funeral Director Licenses

Do I need a license to provide funeral services in Idaho?

Funeral services are regulated by the State of Idaho. This means any person who practices as a mortician or funeral director must be licensed by the Idaho Board of Morticians (IBM).

What are the requirements to become a licensed funeral service provider in Idaho?

To be a funeral director or mortician, an applicant must first obtain a Resident Trainee permit and complete a one year training period. Resident Trainees must complete an application, possess a high school diploma or GED, and be supervised by a licensed mortician in a licensed Idaho Funeral Establishment. Funeral directors conduct the burial, cremation or disposal of bodies and conduct funeral services. Morticians prepare bodies and arrange funerals. There are two different licenses for the two professions.

To get a funeral director license, a trainee must:

  • Submit a Final Report, signed by their supervisor, showing that they have assisted in making funeral arrangements and conducting funerals
  • Complete 60 semester credits from a college or university
  • Complete 15 semester credits from an accredited funeral director program
  • Pass the International Conference of Funeral Service Examing Board’s Idaho State Based Exam

To become a licensed mortician, a trainee must:

  • Submit the signed Final Report which documents that the trainee has assisted in embalming, making funeral arrangements, and conducting funerals
  • Complete 60 semester credits from a college or university and one year of embalming school
  • Pass the arts and sciences portions Conference of Funerals Service Examiners National Exam

If these qualifications are met and the application is approved by the IBM, the applicant for either license must also pass the Idaho Law and Rule exam.

Funeral service providers can also be licensed by endorsement if they are:

  • Licensed in a state with similar requirements to Idaho; or
  • Licensed in a state with lower standards than Idaho but have practiced for at least five years.

How do I apply for an Idaho funeral service license?

You can find the Resident Trainee, Funeral Director, and Mortician applications on the Idaho Board of Morticians website. To get your Idaho funeral service provider license, submit the appropriate application, fees, and documents to the IBM.

Idaho Board of Morticians
Bureau of Occupational Licenses
700 West State Street, PO Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0063

How much do the Idaho funeral service provider licenses cost?

Resident trainee application fee: $100
Permit fee: $50
Mortician application fee: $100
Original license fee: $85
Annual renewal fee: $85
Funeral director application fee: $100
Original license fee: $85
Annual renewal fee: $85

Are there continuing education requirements for funeral service providers in Idaho?

Morticians and funeral directors must complete eight hours of continuing education every year.

Are there additional requirements if I want to operate an Idaho funeral services establishment?

If you operate a funeral establishment in Idaho, you must obtain a separate Funeral Establishment license from the IBM.

The Funeral Establishment License requires:

  • A licensed mortician on staff full time
  • A named location outfitted with an operating room and embalming equipment, display room for merchandise, chapel and viewing/visitation room
  • An inspection

If you wish to operate a crematory in Idaho, you must obtain both the Funeral Establishment License and a Crematory Establishment License. The crematory license requires that the provider submit blueprints, a copy of a DEQ permit, and inspection.

How do I get a Idaho funeral establishment license?

Complete and submit the Funeral Establishment Application and/or the Crematory Application, fees, and documents to the IBM. Once the application and documents are received, the inspection can be scheduled.

How much does the Idaho funeral establishment license cost?

Funeral establishment application: $100
Original license fee: $125
Crematory application: $100
Original license fee: $200

Does a Idaho mortuary need to be a certain type of business entity?

In addition to becoming an Idaho licensed funeral service provider or establishment; you may want to start your own business. Registering your Idaho business entity with the Secretary of State offers liability protection for funeral directors. Idaho allows funeral service providers to choose the entity that best suits their needs. They may form standard partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, etc. Idaho does not require entities to include a description of the service (such as the words “funeral home” or “mortuary”) in the business name.


Idaho Board of Morticians

Idaho Secretary of State