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Federal Tax Identification

Obtain a federal Tax Id number for only $100 ($200 if you don’t have a social security number). With our personalized, professional service we fill out the correct IRS forms for your business needs. We personally inspect the forms to make sure they are filed with the IRS how you need them to be filed. Just sign up for registered agent service and you can add a FEIN to your account online.

A Federal Tax Id, Federal Tax Identification Number, employer identification number, FEIN, or EIN, is like a social security number for a business entity. These are all different ways of saying the same thing. The IRS requires Employer identification number forms to be filled out correctly to obtain a federal tax identification number. The IRS is very picky about how you file these employer identification number forms, and if you don’t do it correctly it can take months of back and forth letters to get your information straightened out. Sometimes it can cost business owners hundreds of dollars in Accountant and attorney fees to just get your federal tax id number straightened out.

We obtain Federal tax id numbers, or employer identification numbers, for clients in all 50 American states. Many of our federal tax id number clients don’t even use our other services. If you go to an accountant to get an employer identification number, it will cost you around $500. If you use one of our competitor’s sites, they usually are just electronically filing your forms, without looking at them. With Idaho Registered Agent, we personally file your employer identification number forms and look over your document to make sure it’s correct. We only charge $100, if you have a social security number. The IRS speaks a different language than the rest of America. Your true intentions are sometimes lost in translation of IRS terms and regulations. We make sure you are registered with the IRS how you really want to be registered.

EINs are necessary for a variety of things such as: obtaining a bank account, starting a new business, hiring employees, and compliance with Internal revenue service regulations.

Obtaining an Employer Identification number has never been easier and more assuring than with Idaho Registered Agent. Let our personalized service and experience quickly go to work for you.

To sign up for a EIN number, you can first sign up for Idaho registered agent service, and then add the tax id number in your online account.