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How to become a licensed attorney in Idaho

Requirements for Idaho State Bar Attorney License

What are the requirements to become an attorney in Idaho?

The Idaho State Bar regulates the practice of law in Idaho. This means that if you want to practice law, you must get a license from the Bar first.

There are two ways to be admitted to the Idaho State Bar. You can be admitted by examination or by reciprocity. The Idaho State Bar has a list of jurisdictions that share reciprocity with Idaho on their website. Applicants from those jurisdictions are not required to take the Idaho bar exam, but must meet certain other requirements.

To be permitted to take the Idaho bar examination, an applicant must:

  • Be over eighteen years old
  • Be lawfully admitted to this country
  • Have a juris doctorate or bachelor of laws degree
  • Demonstrate essential eligibility requirements to practice related to honesty, reason, and good judgment
  • Be of good moral character

A reciprocity applicant must meet all of the preceding requirements and have:

  • Passed the written bar exam and be admitted as an attorney in one of the following states:
    District of Columbia
    New Hampshire
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    South Dakota
  • Been substantially engaged in active practice for at least three of the last five years.
  • Moral character and fitness.
  • Paid all fees and costs.
  • Not failed the Idaho bar in the five years immediately preceding application.

How do I get a license to practice law in Idaho?

Examination applicants:

  • Fill out the Idaho Application for Examination and Admission to the Idaho State Bar.
  • Submit the original application, all required documentation and the application fee to the Idaho State Bar Association.

Reciprocity applicants:

Fill out the Idaho Reciprocal Admission Application and submit the original, along with all the required documentation and fees to the Idaho State Bar.

Submit applications to:

Idaho State Bar
525 West Jefferson
Boise, ID 83702

How much does the Idaho State Bar license cost?

Application for the Idaho State Bar Exam costs $500 for students and $690 for attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions.

Are there any continuing education requirements for Idaho Attorneys?

Idaho attorneys must complete 30 mandatory continuing legal education credits every three years.

Do I need an registered agent to practice law in Idaho?

An attorney practicing in Idaho who is not an Idaho resident must designate an agent for service of process. And we only charge $49 a year to be your agent for service of process for the Idaho State Bar. The form you need is already in your online account when you sign up for Idaho registered agent service.

I want to start an law practice in Idaho, is there anything I need to know?

Idaho does not require lawyers to set up a particular type of entity. Some Idaho attorneys feel that they should create a “professional” corporation or LLC, but it is not required. Idaho does not require businesses to indicate the type of business they perform in the business name. Any relevant Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct apply. Check with the Idaho State Bar.

Starting your law practice doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. Simply to choose what type of business entity you would like to form and we can help you get started. Each entity offers different benefits and protections for attorneys. In addition to standard corporations and limited liability companies, Idaho allows attorneys to create professional corporations (PC) as well as professional limited liability companies (PLLC). These entities allow licensed individuals to form a corporation or LLC for the purpose of practicing their profession. Shareholders must also be licensed to render the service or an allied service.


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