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by All Day $49 Idaho Registered Agent LLC

Incorporate in Idaho

For only $149.00 plus state fees. This total includes our $100 business formation fee and $49 registered agent fee.

We make filings with the Idaho Secretary of State every day. When you incorporate in Idaho with All Day $49 Idaho Registered Agent LLC, we draft from scratch and file Articles of Organization for Idaho LLCs or Articles of Incorporation for Idaho corporations, provide 1 year Registered Agent service, file with our account to speed up the state processing time, provide you free fill in the blank operating agreements or corporate bylaws, provide you an online account to track your documents and annual report filing dates, initial resolution of action, and we’ll be done sometimes the same day.

We can also take care of a number of federal filings for your business, too. Once you’ve hired us to form your company, you’ll be able to add on certain federal filings like EINs, S-corps, and Trademarks. And for just $9 we’ll take care of filing your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report with FinCEN for you.

On top of all this, our service includes the tools you need to build your business presence online. Sign up, and you can choose your business domain, get an email address at that domain, a website, and a local phone number with virtual phone service.

We only charge $149.00 plus state fees to incorporate in Idaho for you. It’s the cheapest and most comprehensive Idaho incorporation service you will find.

It’s amazing how many people operate in Idaho under DBAs or as sole proprietors. This isn’t really a legal business entity. It’s just operating under your personal name. The state PDF forms are easy to file, but the real key is the resolutions and internal paperwork we provide when we form your corporation or LLC.

ASSET PROTECTION: Arguably, the best benefit of forming an LLC, corporation, or LLP, is the separation of your personal liability for the actions of the business. In our law-suit-happy environment, it is EXTREMELY important to distance yourself and your personal assets from your business. The last thing you want is an employee to hurt themselves on the job, and then get a judgment to come to your home and start taking your car, your big screen TV, your equity in your home, or any of your personal assets, just because you didn’t have the proper protection.

DON’T HAVE EMPLOYEES? What if you hurt one of your customers or they get hurt while dealing with you? What if you can’t pay your business bills on time? Well if you structure your corporation or LLC correctly and are not personally guaranteeing those bills, you will have some corporate protection of your personal assets. (Keep in mind, any form of malicious and fraudulent conveyance of money and assets will be an easy way for an opposing attorney to pierce your corporate veil.) The beauty of an Idaho corporation or LLC run correctly is the separation of the business and your personal life. It can be a very nice piece of mind.

EXTENDED ASSET PROTECTION: Some people believe in forming multiple corporations or LLCs for a business and splitting up their different duties. For instance, it may be to your benefit, to form one corporation or Idaho LLC that owns your assets, and leases to another business, that performs the work your business does. In this case the leasing company holds most of the assets, only really has one customer, and that customer is highly unlikely to sue it. The company that performs the work and might have employees, doesn’t really own many assets besides a lot of good income (hopefully). This income is easily accessed in a judgment, but the entity with employees has to pay rent to the holding entity, to use its equipment. This strategy seriously limits the exposure your assets have to employee and customer law suits. You can take this as far as you are willing to take it, but the farther you go, the more paperwork you will be keeping track of, and the more separation of all of your accounts you will need to do. We’ll be happy to set up a series of companies for you in Idaho or a combination of Idaho and other states to give you the best protection and limitation possible.


We help Idaho businesses in Coeur d’Alene, Boise, Sandpoint, Lewiston, Idaho Falls, Sun Valley, and anywhere get set up easily and correctly with the State of Idaho. And we only charge a $100.00 business formation service fee to do so.