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Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

Most new businesses overpay for credit card processing. This is because the key players in the card payment industry, from the banks to the card associations and payment processors, all want a little slice of the pie—and they have few incentives for keeping your costs low.

But, things are different when you sign up for credit card processing through All Day $49 Idaho Registered Agent LLC. Our goal is to help our Idaho clients start and maintain their businesses, not make a bunch of money from credit card processing, so we can help you apply to accept credit card payments through a payment processor at lower-than-normal rates we negotiate on your behalf. Plus, we can get you the credit card processing tools you need to start taking payments.

Our credit card processing service is available to our new Idaho registered agent and business formation clients, and it starts with a free credit card processing consultation with our team of credit card experts.

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How to Request Your Free Consultation

Anyone new business that hires us to be their Idaho registered agent can request a credit card processing consultation with one of our experts (this includes clients who hire us to form their Idaho business).

Just check the box labeled “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” on your order form, and our team will reach out to you by email to set up a phone consultation at your convenience.

The consultation is free, and there are no upfront commitments. If you like the rates and options we offer, we can help get you get set up to take payments. If not, we’ll encourage you to seek other options. That’s all there is to it.

How Does Our Credit Card Service Work?

Typically, when a business signs up to accept credit card payments, they don’t sign up directly through a payment processor. Instead, they go through an individual or organization that resells the processor’s services—potentially at a discounted rate. Whether those rates are really that much lower, however, depends on the person who signs you up.

That’s where we come in. When we sign you up to accept credit card payments with a payment processor, our #1 goal is to save you money. Why? Because credit card processing isn’t the heart of our business, so it doesn’t hurt us to help you save. Instead, we see our credit card service as a way to help our registered agent and business clients start out successfully and stay successful.

How How Our Credit Card Service Works:

  • We start with a free in-house phone consultation.
    After you request your free consultation by checking the box on the order form, our team of credit card experts reaches out to you set up a 30 minute call. During that call, we’ll discuss your business, work through your payment options, and determine your rates and pricing.
  • We help you apply with the payment processor.
    We’ll then help you complete and submit your application. Our involvement here is important because we can help you avoid the mistakes new businesses commonly make when they try to negotiate a merchant agreement on their own.
  • The processor’s underwriting team evaluates your business.
    After we help you submit your application, the payment processor’s undewriting team will reach out to about your financials and other business details. The processor will then either approve or not approve our requested pricing. If they don’t approve and provide a counter-offer instead, we’ll be there to help you work through your options.
  • You’ll start taking payments.
    Once your application is approved and you sign your merchant agreement, we’ll make sure you receive the processing tools you need, and you’ll soon be taking payments.

But, that doesn’t mean our role comes to an end. We’ll continue to serve as your main point of contact for questions and concerns. We can even routinely evaluate your merchant statements if you’d like—checking for accurate pricing and hidden fees—to keep the processor honest.

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What Information Do I Need for the Call?

Your free phone consultation is all about categorizing your business, setting the most appropriate rates and pricing, and making sure you have the processing tools you’ll need to take payments.

As such, we’ll ask you questions like the following during the call:

  • What is your current or estimated monthly sales volume?
  • What is your current or estimated average sale (average transaction)?
  • What service or product do you sell (business type)?
  • How do you need to accept payments—in-person, on the go, or online (or a mixture of these)?

Worried that you can’t answer all these questions in advance? Not to worry. Our credit card experts are more than capable of helping you determine the most accurate answers based on what you know.

Our Credit Card Processing Service FAQs

Who Can Request a Free Credit Card Processing Consultation?

To request your free credit card processing consultation, you must sign up for our Idaho registered agent service, or form your Idaho LLC or Idaho corporation through us. This is a service, in other words, for our Idaho business clients.

Why is the Phone Consultation Free?

As we see it, if you’re already our client after hiring us to form your Idaho business or signing up for our Idaho registered agent service, your free credit card processing consultation is just a nice perk of doing business through us.

That’s why it’s free, and that’s why there are no commitments involved. If you like the options and rates package we put together for you, then we’ll help you get signed up with a payment processor. If not, that’s fine too. We’re happy to simply help you form your business and serve as your Idaho registered agent from here on out.

How Do You Decide My Rates and Credit Card Processing Fees?

As part of our phone consultation, we’ll take a close look at your business type, average monthly sales and average transaction amount (or estimates if you’re just starting out), and the various ways you want to accept credit cards as payments. Your overall costs are tied to these factors, of course, which is why the phone consultation is so important in the first place.

However, our goal is always the same: to find the sweet spot for keeping your overall costs as low as possible while getting you the payment options and services your business needs.

Are You My Payment Processor?

No. Payment processors are the companies that manage the technical side of credit card processing (basically, passing information between banks and making sure the money gets where it needs to go).

Our role is different. We’re a “middleman,” so to speak, between you and the payment processor, but here that term is positive instead of negative. You might think of us as an advocate—a go-between whose purpose is to keep your rates lower than they typically would be if you tried to negotiate rates and a merchant agreement on your own.

Plus, we provide ongoing customer support even after you’re already accepting payments, and we’ll be there as your advocate and guide for all of your dealings with the payment processor down the road.

Do I Pay the Payment Processor or You?

When you receive your monthly merchant statement, you’ll pay your processing fees directly to the payment processor. The processor will then pay us our cut for setting up your account and providing you with ongoing customer support.

Can I Go Directly to a Payment Processor?

Definitely. Pretty much every payment processor has sales reps willing to set your rates and set you up to take payments. Just keep in mind that dealing directly with the payment processor doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll save.

It all comes down to how the card payment industry works. Payment processors basically outsource a lot of their sign-ups to companies like ours, and they give those companies “buy rates” that they can mark up however they’d like within reason. And, the processors essentially do the same thing with their own sales reps.

Since our goal is to mark up our buy rates as little as possible, we can save you money on credit card processing.

Why Should My Business Accept Credit Cards?

Your business should accept credit cards and debit cards because your customers want it. Card payments are simply the preferred form of payment for most consumers.

That said, you need to find the right deal and the right processing tools to turn accepting credit card payments into a profitable decision. Our goal is to get you that deal.